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Christmas Marketing for Gen Z | 25 Facts You Need to Know

Written by
Izzy Hall
Published on
September 1, 2022
Last updated
January 18, 2024

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As you plan out this year’s Christmas campaigns, we thought we’d give you a (very early!) festive gift to help you out : 25 Gen Z stats. 

Here is a selection of Voxburner+ insights, providing you with everything you need to know about Gen Z ahead of this year’s festive season. 

Social media 

social media icons

1. 32% of Gen Z currently have the BeReal app on their phones, whilst 27% have never heard of it. (Voxburner UK 2022 survey)

2. Four brands that Gen Z think are doing well on TikTok are Duolingo, Nike, Shein and Fenty Beauty (Voxburner US 2022 survey)

3. 77% of Gen Z use TikTok (Voxburner UK 2022 survey)

4. 57% of Gen Z have encouraged their friends/family to stop buying from a brand if they’ve done something they disagree with (Voxburner US 2022 survey)

— Trend Alert | BeReal


youth protest

5. In the past five years, 36% of Gen Z have avoided fast fashion in order to be sustainable (Gen Z or Generation Green? report)

6. 89% of Gen Z are interested in the planet and 41% are worried about climate change. Support them by giving young activists a platform, being an internal activist and donating money on behalf of your business. (Gen Z or Generation Green? report)

7. 28% of young people would like to attend a climate change protest at some point in the future (Gen Z or Generation Green? report)


mobile phone on selfie stick

8. 77% of 16-24s prefer to follow people on social media who share their values (US Youth Trends Report 2022)

9. 39% of Gen Z think brands should work with planet-friendly influencers (Gen Z or Generation Green? report)

10. Four of Gen Z’s most inspiring content creators right now are Emma Chamberlain, Addison Rae, Bretman Rock and Lizzo. (Voxburner US 2022 survey)



11. 60 % of students attend university in order to pursue a certain career (Marketing for Higher Education report)

12. 48% of Gen Z would prefer a hybrid approach to work when it comes to employment (Future of Work report)

13. 78% of young people want to hear from current students in university marketing (Marketing for Higher Education report)

14. 31% of young people think that official university TikTok accounts are fun (Marketing for Higher Education report)


person shopping

15. 41% of students have attended a student shopping event at a shopping centre. 29% haven’t but would like to (Freshers’ Spending infographic)

16. 70% of Gen Z favour shopping online compared to in-person (Voxburner US 2022 survey)

17. 36% of Gen Z buy new clothes at least once a month (Gen Z or Generation Green? report)

18. On average, 29% of Gen Z’s spending goes on non-essential goods (Voxburner US 2022 survey)

19. 95% of students want brands to offer exclusive student discounts (Freshers’ Spending infographic)


20. 61% of Gen Zers have experienced gender-based stereotyping frequently (Diversity & Inclusivity | Focusing on Gender + Identity report)

21. 34% of young people say that race issues are most important to them, 18% say gender, 17% disability and 9% sexaulity (Diversity & Inclusivity | Focusing on Gender + Identity report)

22. 24% of young people look at a school’s gender diversity strategy before applying (Diversity & Inclusivity | Focusing on Gender + Identity report)

The metaverse


23. Of those who don’t own any already, 76% of Gen Z are interested in investing in NFTs (UK Youth Trends Report 2022)

24. 24% of 16-24s own cryptocurrency, whilst 8% own an NFT (US Youth Trends Report 2022)

25. 34% of Gen Z are very confident in their understanding of the term ‘bitcoin’ (UK Youth Trends Report 2022)

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