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Your favourite brands are coming together as one

We’re making some changes to who we are, and we want to bring you on the journey.

We are Pion

We’ve rebranded. Not to rebuild, but to streamline our offering to brands like yours.Our mission is simple. We exist to empower brands to shape a world where consumers thrive.

Our history

Student beans

18 years ago, Student Beans set out to empower students to thrive. Our long established roots as the creator of digital student discounts have positioned us as a leader in the publisher space.

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Back in 2013, we began expanding our horizons even further by launching Voxburner, the Student Beans insights agency. Voxburner became the industry-leading youth insights platform, keeping marketers informed on the latest trends, habits and attitudes of Gen Z. 

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Soon after, we began to run the world’s largest youth marketing festival: Youth Marketing Strategy (YMS)! Bringing the youth marketing world together, YMS London and YMS New York are your gateway IRL events to explore the latest, most captivating youth trends, insights, and marketing tactics.

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beans id

More recently, we launched Beans iD to help brands target and reach key market segments - like students, military personnel and healthcare workers. Beans iD enables brands to position gated offers in front of valuable consumer groups and gives access to first-party data of verifiers.

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Introducing Pion

At Pion, we help brands harness the growth-driving power of consumer groups with full-funnel insights, advertising and verification. Our ecosystem of solutions helps expand your brand’s customer base and supercharge sales.

True to our roots, Pion remains a dedicated leader in youth marketing insights, supporting marketers with full funnel youth marketing campaigns.

The Pion team

Student Beans, Beans iD and YMS will continue to thrive as endorsed brands under the Pion umbrella, catering to niche audiences in student discounts, consumer group verification and the youth space.

Voxburner will become a core part of Pion’s offering and will continue to deliver unique insights into youth culture and bespoke research to support the marketing community.

With this change our mission evolves too.

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While Student Beans will still exist to empower students to thrive, for Pion our impact is broader. Pion exists to empower brands to shape a world where consumers thrive.

We’re excited to continue to build a commerce experience where everybody wins, and where a brands growth and success is aligned to the relevance and delight felt by their customers.

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Our products

Understand, engage and grow with Pion. Go from siloed to complete synergy.



Feature one


Understanding to redefine outlooks. Actionable insights that help take your business to new heights.



Feature two

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Highly targeted, highly effective.Campaigns to attract, engage and retain the next generation of shoppers.



Feature three


Supercharge sales by unlocking new audiences.Grow sales fivefold with gated offers for your laser-focused customer base.