Using Web3 to engage Gen Z

Gen Z is an era-defining generation: They’re shaking up how we communicate, shop and work. There’s no doubt about it - the future
is in their hands.

So why is this generation of students so important
to youth marketers? Taking the time to understand what’s important to students will empower brands
to launch carefully crafted campaigns, boost engagement (and spending!), and gain loyal and lasting customers.

In this snapshot, we’ll be looking at Web3, an area that’s still a scary subject for many marketers (and Gen Z-ers). To summarise,Web3 is an umbrella term for the decentralized web - something that allows a more straightforward, fluid, and secure exchange between users and apps.

Supported by contributions and exclusive data cherry picked from Pion’s Youth Marketing Strategy NYC festival, as well as Pion insights, this is a crash course to the world of Web3.