Gen Z or Generation Green?

Gen Z global climate strike with homemade signs
Published by
Izzy Hall
Published on
April 16, 2024
Last updated
April 16, 2024
A 3D spring illustration

Are Gen Z as sustainable as we think they are?

Much like the rest of us, Gen Z are aware of the impact of climate change and are concerned about the future, not only personally but environmentally. From shopping secondhand to switching to a plant-based diet, this generation aren’t afraid to take a stand and campaign for change and a brighter future.

However, the ongoing impact of COVID-19 alongside the increasing cost of living is making sustainability a near-impossible lifestyle for many young people. It’s up to us, as brands and youth marketers, to understand these barriers they’re facing and support them in order to empower them to make the best decisions for themselves and the planet.

In this report, we take a deep dive into some key sectors and explore how Gen Zers navigates these world through a lens of sustainability.