Snapshot: Gen Z or Generation Green?

Group of Gen Z activists protesting against climate change
Published by
Izzy Hall
Published on
April 16, 2024
Last updated
April 16, 2024
A 3D spring illustration

Gen Zers are hugely engaged with sustainability, but there’s a great amount of skepticism from them when it comes to brands and greenwashing. This means it’s brands and marketers to make authentic changes and provide the relevant information to back up their decisions.

In this snapshot, we explore the importance of community, content, and information within the world of sustainability, focusing on young people’s habits and the importance of inspiration and hope.

The content is supported by Pion's Gen Z insights, as well as contributions and exclusive data cherry-picked from our Youth Marketing Strategy London festival.

This is a must-read snapshot for any youth marketer wanting to connect with this generation, make a positive difference in their lives (and the wider world), and convert that engagement into spending.