Authenticity and Gen Z: Beyond the buzzword

Group of male and female Gen Z-ers laughing
Published by
Victoria Owen
Published on
April 16, 2024
Last updated
April 16, 2024
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If you’re trying to engage with Gen Z - and let’s face it, you should be - it’s likely that you’ve stumbled across the phrase “authenticity” by now. Authenticity is the buzzword of the moment; everyone from Gen Zs themselves to senior marketers are pushing for more authenticity from brands.

But what does authenticity actually mean – and how can you be authentic in the eyes of Gen Z?

Pion put this question to our global network of outspoken Gen Z students – and within this guide, you’ll find the answer. Pulled together by real-life Gen Zs, combining first-hand perspectives with quantitative insights, you’ll learn how to be truly authentic. We’ll cover humor, ethics and values, social media and more – by the end, we hope to bring your brand one step closer to this powerful demographic.

The highlights:

  • Humor – get ready to unpack the infamous Gen Z sense of humor – and find out how you can tap into it.
  • Ethics and values – understand how to commit your brand to vital causes year-round.
  • Role models – bigger isn’t always better – learn what nano and micro-influencers are getting right.
  • Hall of fame – real examples of Gen Z brands, including Crocs, Starface World and more.