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Zero-party data and Pion: Unlock the power of personalization

Written by
Izzy Hall
Published on
March 15, 2024
Last updated
March 18, 2024

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Ah, data. Something we all need, but rarely talk about. 

Data can help brands target specific audiences and supercharge marketing strategies. It’s the key to personalizing content and engaging Gen Z. It drives successful marketing campaign. Which brings us to zero-party data. 

At Pion, we help brands access their very own zero-party data (and build killer campaigns as a result). In this blog, we’ll be asking what zero-party data really is, exploring how brands can access this data with Pion, and sharing how it can be used.

What is zero-party data? 

First things first: what actually is zero-party data? 

Boiled down, it’s a conscious exchange of information, where individuals provide brands with insights into their preferences, interests, and behaviors. 

Unlike first-party data (which is collected by brands through their interactions with customers) or third-party data (purchased from external sources), zero-party data is given freely and consensually by the user. This could include customer demographics, preferences, interests, and feedback. 

The point is: consumers will happily share personal information in exchange for something they value. In our case, that’s discounts.  

How can brands access zero-party data with Pion? 

Pion’s verification platform Student Beans enables brands to offer exclusive discounts to the consumer groups most valuable to them, from students to key workers. In exchange for these discounts, we collect zero-party data. 

These insights can then be used to help brands build more bespoke, full-funnel campaigns that target consumers on an individual basis… more on this later. 

Users actively share their data with brands when they: 

  • Join a brand’s program 
  • Access offers via a brand’s website, app, or store 
  • Enter competitions 
  • Complete polls and surveys 
  • Interact with a brand’s offline, experiential, and OOO advertising via the Student Beans app, such as at freshers fairs 

Ultimately, this zero-party data enables brands to build brand equity with their customer base. It enables brands to gather data for their email marketing, for example, but also to reward customers with a better shopping experience.

It’s all about that exchange transaction.

What type of data will Pion partners receive? 

So you know how you can get hold of first-party data, but what type of things will Pion partners receive? 

Typical data points/fields include: 

  • First and last name 
  • Personal email address 
  • Date of birth 
  • Gender 
  • Country of residence 
  • Academic institution 
  • Year of graduation 
  • Answers to bespoke surveys, quizzes, or poll questions set by the brand 

Brands can access this data through our API; coming soon it'll be available in our customer portal alongside analytics on how your offers are performing.

How can brands use zero-party data? 

‘But what can I do with this fantastic and wonderful zero-party data that’s been gathered thanks to the Student Beans app?!’, we hear you cry. 

Check out our suggestions below: 

  1. Collect data securely 
  2. Grow the size of your CRM database 
  3. Identify which of your existing customers are students or members of the consumer groups you’re looking to appeal to

This will enable you to build your own CRM program, specific to your targeted consumer groups. 

  1. Grow customer trust and engagement with personalized campaigns

Increasing personalization and targeting across your website, app, and digital marketing campaigns will boost engagement and build brand trust. For example, use geo-targeting to push notifications and paid socials in specific locations

  1. Capture leads of qualified shoppers interested in your brand 
  2. Target paid socials to new versus returning users, based on specific locations 
  3. Reward shoppers 

Specific incentives or promotions for your chosen consumer groups can be added to your existing loyalty programs

By understanding, respecting, and ethically receiving consumer data, brands can gain valuable insights, supercharge their marketing strategies, and cultivate lasting relationships. 

Discover how our Pion verification can give you access to your very own zero-party data today.

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