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What's on Gen Z's festive wishlist for 2023?

Written by
Izzy Hall
Published on
November 10, 2023
Last updated
May 9, 2024

What this article covers

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  • Fashion, beauty and technology are set to be the biggest sectors that Gen Z will be asking from this festive season
  • Content creators and celebrity icons are having a big influence on Gen Z's wishlists, with many taking inspiration from influencer partnerships or paparazzi shots
  • Hopping on trends is one of the most important things brands can do to land on the FYPs (and wishlists) of young people

There's no doubt about it: Christmas 2023 is set to be BIG BUSINESS. The festive season has always been a period of serious spending, but this year, young shoppers seem to be really pushing the boat out.

We've already asked what Gen Zers will be spending their money on this year, but what do they want to see when they rip off the wrapping paper on Christmas morning? Thanks to social media, these digital natives are overwhelmed with choice, inspiration and ideas, but what's actually resonating with them this year?!

In this blog, we look at what Gen Zers are hoping to receive for Christmas this year and share how brands can capitalise on this.

Fashion, beauty and skincare: The key sectors appealing to Gen Z this Christmas

85% of Gen Zers from the UK and 81% from the US are expecting to receive gifts during the festive season - that's a lot of people to get your brand in front of!

Thanks to the influx of stylish creators and influencers on TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest, it's perhaps unsurprising that 69% of UK Gen Zers and 65% from the US are hoping to receive fashion-related gifts this festive season. And, in the same vein (we're looking at you, skincare creators), beauty and skincare are also set to be popular, with 65% from the UK adding these products to their lists.

Gen Z woman, uses the phone for online shopping, on a winter snowy day

Check out the full wishlist line up below:

  • Fashion (UK 69%, US 65%)
  • Beauty and skincare (UK 65%, US 56%)
  • Technology (UK 42%, US 48%) 
  • Financial (UK 38%, US 43%) 
  • Health and wellness (UK 35%, US 33%) 
  • Food and nutrition (UK 35%, US 29%) 
  • Music (UK 29%, US 34%) 
  • Gaming (UK 26%, US 40%) 
  • Sports (UK 21%, US 16%) 
  • Experiential (UK 9%, US 9%)

Trend alert: Start Making Your Christmas List

Sarcastic, funny, honest. Classic Gen Z.

The 'Start Making Your Christmas List' trend is making the rounds on TikTok at the moment, and involves a slideshow of two to three images soundtracked by some wholesome and cute festive music.

The first image shows a generic text from 'a mum', saying 'Start making your Christmas list'. Scroll to the next slide and Gen Zers are sharing screenshots of their iPhone Notes app, in which they've written their wishlists.

And what do they want from Christmas this year? 'A f*cking break' or 'A grip on my life'. Us too, to be fair.



♬ son original - AND ACTION

This trend says a lot about Gen Z's sense of humour, but is also very revealing - they're fed up, and need some joy in their lives. Hence , social media is already FULL of Christmas content...

What's on Gen Z's wishlist for Christmas 2023?

This year, there seems to be a big emphasis on planning and designing the perfect holiday. Gen Zers are specific about what they want and are sharing details with not only their parents, but social media too.

In typical Gen Z fashion, some are taking the opportunity to create comedic content by sharing their 'wishlist presentations'. Yes, you read that right - they're making actual slideshows for their Christmas presentations. They're certainly great content, but are they actually being shown to the gift buyers? Well, jury's still out, but it does give us an idea of what's hot right now...


You thought we got rid of Uggs in 2009?! Ha! Fool! Gen Z has brought them back, and they're even bigger than before!

Ugg Tasman slippers and Ugg Ultras are hot with Gen Z right now, and thanks to supermodel and Gen Z icon Bella Hadid being spotted wearing the shoe, young shoppers can't wait to get their hands on them.

FS Greens

Rise up, wellness girlies. The health and beauty community have spoken their truth: Buy Mango FS Greens.

Health and wellness is a huge topic for Gen Zers, making FS Greens their number one brand right now. A bright green health drink, the superfood is being promoted across social media by the likes of creator Anna Archer, as well as via a LOT of UGC content.

We'd be happy with a Toblerone in our stocking, but who are we to judge?


FS-Greens, helping you feel your best self and stay consistent 🥭🥬🥝🥒

♬ original sound - Free Soul

Apple headphones

Gen Z loves anything multipurpose, which is why when Apple released their AirPods Mac headphones in 2020 they went wild for these stylish and functional accessories. But, with a price nearing £500, they're not something many of this generation can afford to splash out on.

Last year, they were on wishlists. This year, you guessed it, they'll be on wishlists.

How can brands land on Gen Z's wishlists?

  1. Make the most of TikTok. Hop on any relevant trends and take the opportunity to promote your brand.
  2. Work with influencers. Thanks to their dedicated community, working alongside content creators can help broaden your audience, grow your following and drive sales.
  3. Don't neglect IRL experiences. Combining IRL and online experiences is the way to Gen Z's hearts. For example, having QR codes in store will encourage interactivity - particularly if you're sharing exclusive content and personalised discounts that shoppers can only access in-store!

Like what you've read? Visit our Festive Hub now for more tips, takeaways and insights to make this holiday season the best one yet!  

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