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Pin It, Win It | Engaging Gen Z Through Pinterest and Creators

Written by
Izzy Hall
Published on
August 23, 2023
Last updated
January 18, 2024

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We know that social media platforms TikTok and Instagram are hitting the spot with Gen Z, and Reddit users are on the rise, but what about the social app Pinterest?

In its most basic form, Pinterest allows users (or 'pinners') to post and share inspirational and aesthetic images and videos to their virtual boards. Thanks to its creativity, data tracking, and diversity, Pinterest quickly gaining popularity amongst Gen Z. In fact, Voxburner research has revealed that a huge 73% of Gen Z use Pinterest, with 35% using it every week and 82% using it to browse personal interests. And, in terms of what content they're consuming on the platform, 72% of pinners are using it for fashion content. This is followed by home decor (63%), beauty content (54%), art & design (47%), and food and drink (38%). For senior marketers at brands and agencies, now's the time to tap into the fastest-growing audience on Pinterest - Gen Z!

Recently, we heard from Georgia Willows, Strategic Partner Manager for Creators UK at Pinterest, and Gen Z content creator Meg Garrod during our webinar Pin It, Win It: Engaging Gen Z Through Pinterest & Creators, in partnership with Student Beans. In this blog post, we share some of the key takeaways to help you drive your marketing strategies, including actionable insights from our expert panel.

Why is Pinterest such a powerful social media platform?

Gen Z has a really high commercial intent, noted Georgia during the webinar, so the fact that nearly 80% of the generation are using Pinterest is not to be ignored. But, according to our experts, what makes it such a powerful and engaging platform?

1. Gen Zers feel safe

An "oasis from the toxicity of social media", Georgia describes Pinterest as "more of a personal media than a social media". Thanks to the platform's format and values, users aren't comparing themselves to others on social media, and instead are using the space to be inspired thanks to the interesting and aspirational content. Research by Voxburner revealed that a huge eight out of ten users feel safe on Pinterest, whilst only three in ten can say this for other platforms. As Rick Jackson, Voxburner's MD, shared during the session, "There's no confrontation, news or drama. Pinterest is about ideas, not opinions."

young woman smiling, on her phone

2. It's empowering

Leading on from the first point, Pinterest is a platform that encourages manifestation - it's somewhere where Pinners can engage with content that empowers them to become the very best version of themselves. Many disregard the term, but, as Georgia shared, "insights tell us that Gen Z are the manifesting generation" - in a world that is confusing and overwhelming, Pinterest is the perfect sanctuary to help them gain some control over their futures.

3. It's perfect for creative projects

From static to long-form posts, Pinterest has something for everyone. "It's so different to other platforms", shared creator Meg. "I started off as just art-based but now on Pinterest I share home content, ceramic content and sometimes fashion content." Creators and consumers aren't limited to a sector, and instead use the platform to chase overall vibes.

What are the benefits for brands working with creators on Pinterest?

'But what about brands?!', we hear you ask. Well, there are a number of benefits for brands who work with creators on Pinterest, from building brand visibility to driving those important sales. We've highlighted a few key takeaways below:

The search engine

Essentially, Pinterest is a search engine, making it ideal for reaching those passionate and engaged audiences who are looking for specific content, and, crucially, it's evergreen. Meg revealed that she created pins two years ago that are still getting interest now: "[Pinterest's] not just got that 24-48 hour window of people seeing it, it's going to come back year after year."

And, when combined with the fact that all pins can have a link, Pinterest is really actionable, meaning you can drive traffic to your products 24/7.


It's not just the titles and copy that are scanned on Pinterest, but the images, links and all board information, too. This means that your content is presented to the right audience every single time - an audience who actively want to see your content and therefore are much more likely to engage!

smiling happy Gen Zer, smiling into the camera, on their phone

Tracking trends

Thanks to its search engine abilities, Pinterest is a hub of data, all of which can be accessed via the trends tool trends.pinterest.com. This site is a wealth of knowledge and can help users, creators and brands understand emerging trends, all of which can be refined by specific interests, age demographics and more. It's your one-stop shop for all things Gen Z!

Still unsure? "97% of our top searches on Pinterest are unbranded, so there’s a huge opportunity to be discovered by a new audience", shared Georgia. "You've just got to understand what your audience is searching for and then how to tap into those searches with your content." Tips and details can be found in the full webinar, available on-demand now.

How can brands utilise Pinterest and creators to help inform their strategies?

During 'Pin It, Win It', Meg and Georgia shared their top tips for how brands can work with Pinterest creators to help inform their strategies. Check out a few standout points below:

  1. Build your organic Pinterest presence first (make sure you have a business account, optimise your SEO etc - you know the drill!)
  2. Use affiliate links or discount codes with creators
  3. Incorporate Pinterest ads into the campaign
  4. Let the creators create. "Don't be too strict on what you want", advised Meg. "The whole idea of going to a creator is that they know their audience, they know what's going to do well and if you [work with them] it creates something unique and inspiring."

More tips and takeaways can be found in the full webinar.

How does Pinterest support Gen Z, the most diverse generation yet?

Social media can be a hub of toxicity. End up on the wrong side of the internet and it's all trolls, body shaming and uncomfortable comments. Luckily, Pinterest is here to combat that - it's a positive place, something that doesn't happen by accident, according to Georgia. The brand is built on products and politics that foster inclusivity, providing a safe space for young people. In other words, it's the perfect platform for Gen Z.

young woman laughing whilst looking at her phone

Seemingly, Pinterest are ahead of the game when it comes to DE&I work. During the session, Georgia spoke about the search filters that the platform offers, something which helps pinners see relatable content time and time again. For example, skin tone and hair pattern filters: every time a pinner searches for something beauty-related, such as red lip, they can adjust the skin tone filter, resulting in the platform only pulling content that aligns this filter. If a user selects a certain filter three times, future searches will automatically show these results. "[Pinterest] built a really diverse and inclusive community of creators across all different types of content. You go there and you see so many people who look like you and see content that really reflects what you're feeling", shared Meg.

Furthermore, Pinterest have banned weight loss ads and have added a compassionate search, something which supports those who are feeling stressed, anxious, or sad. If the platform can detect that a user is feeling low by their search history, the pinner will automatically be directed to calming and helpful resources.

Essentially, Pinterest proactively protects their users and empowers them to celebrate who they are and who they will be. And we love them for it.

Like what you've read? You can catch the full webinar on-demand now.

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