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Gen Z 2023 Summer Travel Trends

Written by
Izzy Hall
Published on
May 3, 2023
Last updated
January 18, 2024

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Voxburner research has revealed that a significant 62% of Gen Zers from the UK and 50% from the US will be spending money on travel tickets this summer. That makes it the most popular option, ahead of fashion, tech, and even eating out. It's clear that this generation wants to get back out there and seize the day, presumably making up for lost time during the pandemic.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, female Gen Zers appear to be the most keen on spending money on travel tickets, with 65% of young women from the UK and 53% from the US selecting this option (compared to 51% of males from the UK and just 37% males from the US).

So what is it that these young travellers want from their experiences, and how do they differ from previous generations? In this blog post, we explore holiday priorities, look at popular destinations, and share why businesses should offer employees the option to work remotely.

Young people are prioritising experiences

As we know, Gen Z is considered to be ‘Generation Sensible’ - they’re cutting down on alcohol, prioritising their physical and mental health, and spending more time with friends and family. And this approach appears to apply to their travel choices too, with many of them choosing to spend money on experiences, rather than material things.

young couple of Gen Z hikers enjoying the beautiful nature from high above

Experiences and travel opportunities were the things that were taken away from them pandemic, so it makes sense for them to jump at any opportunity to hop on a plane. "I think now international travel is an option again", said Gen Zer Grace on Voxburner+'s The Future of Gen Z Travel webinar, "that will always be my first choice [over staycations]. I associate holidays with getting on a plane."

What is Gen Z's dream holiday destination?

In terms of where they'll be travelling, this generation of curious young adults are after new experiences and destinations, with one source revealing that 46% of travellers between the ages of 18-34 will be going somewhere they've never been before during Spring Break 2023. And slow, relaxing holidays are decreasing in popularity, with adventurous explorations taking priority. According to Grace: "My ideal type of holiday has changed over the past couple of years... I used to love slow paces holidays lounging by the pool but now I prefer going out exploring."

If TikTok is anything to go by (which it is!), European summers seem to be the most popular option thanks to the fun, aesthetic nature of these countries: Greece, Italy, and Croatia are particularly popular. As previously mentioned, Gen Z is invested in wellness, body confidence, and healthy habits, which means that a huge focus on social media when it comes to summer holidays is the food - think pasta and Aperol Spritzes in an Italian coastal town!


However, it's important to remember that Gen Z isn't a homogenous group, and some are still craving the familiar, safe spaces of their youth. In the hectic and overwhelming world they're growing up in, the simplicity of returning to their 'happy places' is something that 33% of this generation will be doing.

2023 travel trends

Whilst thousands of Gen Zers will be hopping on planes to grab some sun for a couple of weeks, over half of this generation want more than that - they want the ability to travel for longer and work abroad. According to one source, 56% of Gen Z and Millennials would like to live in multiple cities throughout the year, with this young cohort seeking longer trips, and more of them. The report from accommodation provider Edyn revealed that Gen Z travellers expect to increase the length of their trips in the year ahead.

Young holidaymakers are also expecting more from travel facilities (gone are the days of grotty hostels!) so that they can work and run their side hustles from overseas, with 51% of Millennials and Gen Z consumers saying that remote working facilities are important to them when choosing accommodation (compared to just 15% of older generations). Hannah, a Gen Z panellist who spoke during Voxburner+'s The Future of Gen Z Travel webinar, said: "The idea of being able to work anywhere in the world is something that I will always get behind. I think it's a really big selling point for companies at the moment." Employers should consider this as a working policy; this freedom and trust placed in employees will improve employee wellbeing, and consequentially output. After all, Gen Zers are your future staff, managers, and CEOs, so it's worth getting them on board now!

Shot of a young woman out with her camera

Student Beans, our sister company, are a remote-first workplace (but have offices across the world for those who enjoy hybrid working), which gives employees the opportunity to work from wherever they wish and stay connected. In terms of wellness benefits, the company offers unlimited annual leave, meaning that employees can truly take advantage of longer vacations and travel around.

So there you have it – a crash course looking into what Gen Zers are expecting from their summer holidays in 2023. Keep your eyes peeled for our next instalment of this series, where we’ll be looking at how Gen Z will be spending their money within the entertainment sector this summer.

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