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10 Gen Z stats that will blow your mind

two young women sitting on a couch in front of a tv
Published on
May 20, 2024
Last updated
May 20, 2024

What this article covers

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Think you know Gen Z? Think again.

To truly understand Gen Z, brands must listen to their voices, engage with them on their terms, and recognize the unique challenges and opportunities they face in today's rapidly changing world.

In June 2024, Pion will launch our Youth Trends Report: our annual review of some of the hottest, cutting-edge trends that are impacting the lives of young people today.

We’re feeling generous ahead of time, however.

In this blog, we’ll share ten of the hottest Gen Z stats from Pion's upcoming Youth Trends Report.


The most used social media platform by UK Gen Zers in 2024 is Instagram, overtaking YouTube for the top spot since 2023 (81%)

Low angle teens taking selfie

87% of Gen Z have one criteria for low self esteem

Roommates spending time together

33% of Gen Z struggle with anxiety and fearfulness

People traveling on the subway in winter time

AI is predicted to be the biggest trend for Gen Z in 2024 at 29%

People dancing surrounded by bright neon lights at a party with virtual reality headset

35% of Gen Z think AI will be a threat to creativity

Youth group with pop-inspired background

64% of Gen Z are interested in travelling abroad

Flat lay of traveling essentials collection

The majority of Gen Z (56%) are single

Medium shot smiley friends with smartphone

63% of Gen Z agree that social presence is more important than cost

Beautiful young tattooed person

71% of Gen Z were not aware that Buy Now Pay Later can have a negative impact on their credit score, even if they pay on time

business team meeting about audit system of accounting and budget project corporate

Almost half of Gen Z (46%) would consider ‘uncancelling’ a brand if they took actions to rectify

Medium shot people protesting together

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Pre-request our 2024 Youth Trends Report now, where we discuss everything from nostalgia to cancel culture.

This year's report is our biggest one yet. It includes insights from industry experts and data from 4,000 Gen Zers in the UK and USA.

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