Why Community is the Holy Grail for Marketers

March 5, 2024 1:00 PM

Having a tight-knit, trusted community is something every brand wants to have. It’s something every marketer wants to tap into. It’s the Holy Grail of youth marketing.

But what’s the secret to building a strong community? And how can brands do it authentically?

Join us for this exciting LinkedIn Live, where we sit down with a panel of industry experts to discuss why aliging Gen Z’s values should be at the heart of marketing and social impact strategy, and how you can achieve success.

Host:Izzy Hall - Senior Content Marketer at Student Beans

Panellists:Roxanne Nejad - VP Marketing, Cleo AI

Tyy Anton - Founder of Gen Z Engagement Agency, CareerPathPro (formerly Dentsu)

Grace Miller - Head of Failure and Experimentation, Steven Bartlett & The Diary of a CEO

Top themes include:

💡 Which channels are best for fostering and growing a community

💡 What tactics are best for community engagement

💡 Best practice, including podcasts, social activations and IRL events