Brand building and driving loyalty: How to win

May 29, 2024 12:30 PM

Session Overview:

Join us for a session not to be missed, where we sit down with a panel of industry experts to discuss how you can build a strong brand and drive loyalty amongst your customers.

We will cover:

👉🏼 Decoding Gen Z Brand Preferences: A Deep Dive

👉🏼 Building Brand Loyalty in the Age of Evolving Consumer Expectations

👉🏼 Winning Strategies for Brands: From Acquisition to Retention


Harriet McCulley - B2B Marketing Manager, Pion


Austin Okolo - Co-founder & CEO of The Gen Z Club

Simon Squibb - Founder of HelpBnk

Charu Subramanian - Brand, Marketing & Product Strategy Advisor at Flywheel Strategy (ex Meta)