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Your 2023 Youth Trends Gen Z Snapshot

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Published on
March 2, 2023
Last updated
January 18, 2024

What this article covers

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Every year, Voxburner produces a wide range of insight-led reports on the hottest and most pertinent topics for Gen Z. This year, we’ve already launched our sport report Game, Set, Match, whilst last year we launched reports around Challenger Brands, Gen Z’s use of social media, inclusivity in the fashion and retail industry and Gen Z’s attitudes towards the environment – to name just a few.

This year, Voxburner is excited to announce the launch of its 2023 edition of the Youth Trends Report. This year, we’re excited to share the Youth Trends Report will capture a generation and snapshot of Gen Z, with research from over 1,000 people aged 16-24 in the UK and US.

Curious to know some of the key Youth Trends?

Well, whilst we can’t give everything away quite yet, you can check out some of the ones we’ll touch upon at YMS New York.

Toxic Productivity: The Dark Underbelly of TikTok Wellness

TikTok Trends such as ‘A Day In the Life’ and the hashtag #ThatGirl have become popular for their depiction of what a ‘perfect’ day should look like, but what effect is this having on the mental health of young people? We’ll draw on insights from Gen Z creators and thought leaders in this space.


The Sentiment Shift: Thrift Shopping Gets Trendy

Macklemore might have made thrift shopping topical in 2012, but in 2023 it’s getting trendy.

The Youth Trends Report will take a deep dive into the rise of second hand fashion, looking at Gen Z attitudes towards pre-loved items and explore the role that sustainability plays here for Gen Z.

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Subscription Sex Sells: OnlyFans and The Creator Economy

Sex sells, there’s no doubt about it. But where does this trend come into play for the creator economy? We’ll discuss the rise of OnlyFans amongst Gen Z, looking at side hustle culture, why creators are turning to subscription sites, and whether this new phenomenon is part of a wider shift towards working attitudes for Gen Z.

YMS New York: Your Youth Trends Sneak Preview

We’ll be sharing an exclusive sneak peek at our YMS New York event. In a thought-provoking session led by Richard Jackson, General Manager at Voxburner, attendees will learn about some of the biggest emerging trends impacting Gen Z today.

About YMS

Youth Marketing Strategy (YMS) is the world’s biggest youth marketing conference. YMS has been curated for anyone looking to better understand, engage and target Gen Z audiences. The audience is made up from marketers from all brands and sectors, agencies, non-profit organisations and colleges and universities. It is a must-attend for anyone looking to reach Gen Z consumers. Previous speakers include delegates from Meta, Depop, eBay, Spotify, Mars and ASOS.

This year, YMS will be taking place across two continents (lucky you!). For those that can't make it across the pond for our New York event, YMS London takes place on June 8th.

You can learn more about London by downloading our event brochure here.

YMS New York: Secure Your Ticket Now

With speakers from TikTok, Foot Locker, Paramount and Refinery59, YMS New York will be one of the most disruptive youth marketing events yet. Our festival themed two day event allows marketers to interact with industry leaders, experience dynamic performances and even sample some delicious street food.

If you haven't secured your ticket yet, it's not too late!

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