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The Ultimate 2024 Student Marketing Calendar

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Published on
December 16, 2022
Last updated
January 18, 2024

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2023 isn’t quite over, but 2024 is fast approaching and brands need to get ahead. In this teaser blog, we’ll share some of the most important dates for the student calendar across the UK, US, Australia and globally.

Global Dates

January: New Years Day and Back To University

After the indulgence of Christmas, students around the globe return back to university and colleges faced with exams and a low bank account (pre the January Loan Drop for UK students). Lift their spirits by offering exclusive student discounts across your product ranges.

February: Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day traditionally celebrates loved-up couples – but this year, mobilise the ‘treat yourself’ mentality that many single students have and offer them exclusive Valentine’s gifts. There’s no love like self-love, after all!

8th March: International Women's Day

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate the political, social and economic achievements of women around the globe. Brands often get involved by releasing campaigns that highlight female empowerment – and this almost always resonates well with Gen Z, who are 70% likelier to purchase products from brands they consider to be ethical.

April: Earth Day

Gen Z or Generation Green? Young consumers and students have a higher focus on sustainability than any other generation. So, this Earth Day, highlight your sustainability initiatives and eco-friendly credentials to win over this green generation.

May: Mental Health Awareness Week

79% of UK students surveyed by Student Beans have admitted to struggling with their mental health at university. Consider what your brand can do to help ease this burden – can you give students additional support through resources? Or use your large social followings for good?

June: Pride Month

Gen Z and students are all about active support and sentiment, but they’re not naive. Showcase your solidarity by linking to pride resources, working with queer creators and, if you’re a brand who wishes to go the extra mile during this time, donating a portion of profits to LGBTQ+ charities.

October: Halloween

Spooky season is upon us! The rise of ecommerce has seen Halloween grow from one day of fancy dress to a holiday with huge revenue potential. Factoring this into your planning is essential – get creative with Halloween puns, personalise your emails and offer exclusive discounts both in-store and online.

November: Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday mark the biggest student spending days of the year – but sometimes brands don’t reach their full potential. Consider making your student discount work alongside other Black Friday offers for a competitive edge next year.

Key Student Marketing Dates: UK

January: Spring Term Begins and Student Loans Drop

Name a hotter-anticipated date for the student calendar than the loan drop – we’ll wait... With many students worn out after the antics of Christmas, the January loan drop brings a much needed bit of sparkle back into their lives. Brands must be mindful that students have to budget this money across rent, bills and the general day-to-day - especially in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis, so make their money go further by offering exclusive student discounts and two-for-one deals.

April-May: Dissertation Hand-Ins

For third and fourth year students, the period of April to May marks the culmination of all their hard work finally paying off. They’ll (hopefully) be feeling positive about the future, so leverage this excitement by implementing multi-channel marketing campaigns. Don’t forget about the April loan drop, too – students have money to spend at this time and will be looking for the best deals for their summer wardrobes.

July: Graduation

Fashion brands, listen up! 91% of UK students consider buying a new outfit for graduation, so promote your top offers in the build-up and offer deals such as free next-day-delivery for those last minute purchases.

September: Freshers Week and the September Loan Drop

In the UK, students are preparing to go back to university and many are attending for the first time. For any brand with a student demographic, Freshers Fairs are a must-attend event, giving you the chance to showcase your products in front of thousands of students. Create an immersive, memorable experience – and don’t forget plenty of freebies!

Key Student Marketing Dates: USA

11th February: Superbowl Sunday!

Superbowl Sunday is one of the most anticipated dates for American students, with many hosting viewing parties on the big day. Kick off your marketing in the lead up to game day, and work with celebrities or creators to drive excitement around the event. 

March-April: Spring Break

Class is officially OUT! Reach out to college students by offering promotions and giveaways specifically directed at them this Spring Break. College students get most of their shopping inspiration from the internet, so consider starting your ad campaigns through apps such as TikTok and Snapchat.

5th May: Cinco De Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is another big day in the calendar for American students, seeing historic celebrations taking place across Mexico and the US. Convert your student demographic with Cinco de Mayo savings and sweepstake specials.

4th July: Independence Day

Independence Day falls on the 4th of July every year, seeing students around the USA celebrating with backyard barbeques and fireworks. Independence Day marks a huge opportunity for brands – so get involved by running multi-front marketing campaigns and offering deals in the run-up to the day.

September: Homecoming

From parades to dances and bonfires, homecoming is a huge tradition across the US that sees college students from the past and future celebrated. Start your brand marketing journey with social media and use word-of-mouth campaigns to boost your brand’s popularity on campus. Homecoming giveaways are also a great way to get college students engaged with your brand!

23rd November: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving sees most US college students returning home to celebrate the much-loved holiday. If you’re a travel or food industry brand, kick off your activity early with interactive email campaigns and pre-thanksgiving sales. And don’t forget - Thanksgiving is very closely followed by Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping madness.

Key Student Marketing Dates: Australia

February: University Welcome Week

Contrary to students in the US and UK, Aussie college students return in February. Mark this time of excitement for them by offering brand discounts and deals ahead of the date on all those student essentials.

March: Afterpay Day

Afterpay Day is the first big shopping event for Australian students, with four days of savings both online and in-store taking place around the country. Brands from almost every industry are expected to get involved – but as we know, normal discounts on these days aren’t always enough to convert student demographics. Make your brand stand out by offering student discounts on top of normal deals.

June: EOFY Sales

Another huge spending period in Australia is the End of Financial Year Sales (EOFY). According to a study by Monzo, 81% of Australians were expected to take part in last year’s batch of sales – so make the most of the opportunity by getting started early. Offer ‘buy one get one free’ deals to clear out old stock and use this opportunity to advertise your hottest new products.

July: Re-O Week

Re-Orientation Week takes place in Australia after students return back to University. It’s a time where events are held to welcome and orient students back to campus - just like Freshers in the UK. Get your brand in front of students by attending the fairs and sponsoring events.

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