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Round Up | May eCommerce Moments of the Month

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Published on
June 19, 2023
Last updated
January 18, 2024

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Mayday, mayday: Earth to Gen Z…

Another month has escaped us again. 

May was full of fabulous things: good weather, bank holidays, the university year drawing to a close (to name just a few…). It was also a month of some killer online campaigns. In this blog, we share five of our favourite viral moments, looking at why they stirred the internet into such a frenzy and why they were so popular with Gen Z.

LuluLemon Duuuuuupe!

DUUUUUPE! Whenever Gen Z catches wind of this word, their attention is instantly drawn to whoever (and whatever) is promising it. ‘Dupes’ are cheaper alternatives to mainstream products with a high price tag. For young consumers, finding these alternatives has become something of an art. 

LuluLemon has long been cherished for its high-quality sportswear products. However, these products don’t come cheap – and Gen Z have been on the hunt to find similar clothing at a fraction of the cost. They’ve had a little inside help recently, too.


One LuluLemon employee went viral for sharing products that look and feel like the esteemed brand’s own – but without the eye-watering price tag.

Tapping into this conversation for some brands might’ve been a no-go, but LuluLemon demonstrated that it wasn’t totally blind to the ‘dupe’ trend by holding their very own “Dupe Swap” event in L.A.

Customers were encouraged to bring in their knockoffs to trade for the original Lulu Align leggings.

This genius tactic claimed that once customers had tried on the original, they’d “never want to go back”. Chief Brand Officer Nikki Neuburger noted that “part of why we had total confidence doing that is because we really do know our products are the best”.

Absolut-ly Sustainable

Did you know that 77% of Gen Z would be more inclined to buy from a brand who made sustainable choices? Yep – it’s official, Gen Z wants corporations to wave their green flags and take initiative.

Vodka brand Absolut recognised this – and in a first time event, have created the first ever paper-based spirits bottle. 

These new bottles are made from 57% of paper, with an inner layer of recycled plastic to protect and hold the shape of the product. Launched in the UK, Absolut promises that the paper bottles are eight times lighter and easier to carry than their glass alternatives – and no risks of smashed glass!

We kind of like the look – what do you think?

Get ready to slay with Olay

Want to have an ad go viral? All you need is a catchy tune and the hottest, most talked about influencer on the market.

Olay really slayed with making the beloved Dylan Mulvaney the face of Olay Women. Olay’s latest commercial features Mulvaney and other models showing off Olay’s vitamin C infused SPF, with a highly catchy jingle in the background. 

Quickly becoming a trending sound on TikTok, Gen Z flocked to share how they couldn’t get the tune out of their head.


Clever marketing at it’s finest – and if you haven’t caught the ad, you can watch it below (we make no promises that you won't be singing it for the rest of the day...).


ITV's Woo gets moving with New Balance

Running might be the oldest form of exercise in the world, but it seems to be ever-topical at the moment. Warmer evenings, dry ground and longer days have seen many picking up the sport for the first time ever and chasing those much-needed endorphins. Woo (by ITV) tapped into this conversation by recently launching a partnership with New Balance.

For anyone unfamiliar with Woo, it is a new iteration of ‘mindful media’, covering travel, sex, wellness and more. It aims to redefine how young people access and understand their wellbeing.

Woo’s partnership with New Balance introduces consumers to a set of run clubs across the UK. These clubs are built around feelings of “togetherness and community” – and each has a different focus.

Videos from New Balance are shared via the Woo platform, showcasing the diverse and uplifting nature of these running clubs.


Anyone for a jog?

The Met Gala returns...

Every year, the Met Gala outdoes itself. 2023 was certainly an occasion to remember, with some of the hottest names shaping youth culture taking to the red carpet.


It’s possible the audience buzz put the pressure on designers to be on their A-game,  because this year, the guests really did dress to impress (and were actually on theme this time ☕️).

All of the looks were pretty iconic, but there were a couple worth mentioning that might’ve been almost too purr-fect (hint…). 

Attendees Doja Cat, Jared Leto, and Lil Nas X came in their best feline garms, paying tribute to Karl Lagerfield’s beloved Choupette. Doja Cat is no stranger to going viral – the star is famed for her eccentric and unpredictable personality. However, this year, she had Gen Z in stitches after her interview with Emma Chamberlain hit the internet.

You can catch up with it below..


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