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Let’s get digital: Capture Gen Z spend

Published on
December 4, 2023
Last updated
May 9, 2024

What this article covers

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Gen Z lives and breathes the digital world. From how they learn, to how they shop, everything they do is inspired by online content and communities. But in this oversaturated (and sometimes overwhelming!) world, how can your brand stand out and engage this cohort?

Well, in November, we took it straight to the experts, sitting down with James Loveridge, Director of Entertainment at Little Dot Studios, to take a deep dive into Gen Z’s online engagement habits.

Missed it? Don't fear – we've condensed some of James' top takeaways here...

Gen Z are a huge cohort

With an estimated $360 billion in purchasing power, they’re one your brand can’t afford to ignore. But how exactly can you reach this demographic?

Well, according to James, it all starts by trying to de-code their mindset: something Little Dot Studios emphasises in a few key pillars.

The first?


Gen Z are drawn to authenticity and originality over aspirational content. In fact, a massive 82% of Gen Z will trust a company more if they use images of actual customers, rather than using actors or influencers.

Understanding their consumer preferences

Gen Z are a cohort that values quick and easy convenience – and whilst a lot of the time, online appears the best way to reach them, it’s important to not discount IRL interaction.

Purchase decisions

Gen Z are finely tuned into their emotional need states, and place a big emphasis on brand values.

Yep, 73% will buy or advocate for a brand based on that brand’s beliefs and values.

And how can your brand tap into these pillars via content creation?

Well, engagement is key. “Viewing is almost a passive metric”, says James, emphasising that brands should be harnessing the power of likes and comments. 

“As a brand, you should be having conversations with your audiences”

Whilst reactive based content is great, it's not always necessary

Reactive content is important in making sure your brand stays top of mind. It also gives brands an opportunity to be a leading voice in that specific trend or conversation. However, it’s not always the way forward.

If the trend isn’t right for your brand values, don’t try to engage with it.

Gen Z are quick to detect inauthenticity, and there’s nothing more cringeworthy than a brand trying too hard to fit a trend that just doesn’t align with who they are.

Use tone of voice to sculpt your brand's identity

James shares that brands should be leaning into what the audience are engaging with, and tailor their tone of voice to fit this.

RyanAir is one example shared by James, noting that their tone of voice is almost always instantly recognisable.

Optimise, optimise, optimise!

If you’re not optimising with strategy, upload cadence and analysising the metadata, you’ll struggle to make your content go further. 

“You can have the best content in the world, but if you’re not getting the basics right, you’re undermining the whole effect of your campaigns”, shares James.

Want to hear more from James and the team at Little Dot Studios? Catch up with the full webinar on-demand here.

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