Accessibility and inclusivity: What marketers need to know

April 24, 2024 4:00 PM

Webinar Overview:

42 million people in the US and 16 million people in the UK have a disability. For brands, accessibility in marketing is vital. It’s a key step towards inclusivity. 

Accessible and inclusive marketing refers to the practice of making campaigns, materials, and strategies accessible to everybody. As marketers, your goal should be to remove all barriers to ensure that everyone has equal and easy access to your brand, regardless of their background or ability. 

Prioritizing accessibility shows that you care about your customers and their enjoyment of your product. It bridges the gap between brands and audiences and shows that you are willing to adapt to improve! 

Creating accessible content also opens doors to communities and individuals who shouldn’t be ignored… and will earn you loyal customers as a result (and boost your ranking!). 

In this informative and exciting webinar, we sit down with our expert panel to discuss the importance of accessibility in marketing and how you can ensure equal access for everyone. And, naturally, we’ll talk about how Gen Z fits into all of this! 

You’ll learn:

  • Why accessibility in marketing is vital for your business 
  • How brands can work with their audiences to improve accessibility, from digital strategies and everyday communication to products and events
  • Which brands are successfully leading the way 
  • Why accessibility and inclusivity is essential for Gen Z and how it impacts their spending
  • How brands are recognizing and learning from their mistakes 


Teddi Tostanoski, Colorado State University

Teddi Tostanoski (she/her) serves as a Senior Social and Digital Media Strategist at Colorado State University, leading the social media strategy for the Office of the President. Teddi’s social media career spans nonprofits, small businesses, consumer electronics, and for the past six years, higher education—where she has focused on executive, undergraduate admissions, and institutional social media strategies. Teddi is dedicated to fostering strong online communities and fully believes that to do so starts by creating accessible and inclusive content.

Chloe Smith, Blue Array

Chloe Smith (they/them/she/her) is Strategic SEO Lead at Blue Array, the largest pure-play SEO agency in the UK, and co-founder of the LGBT SEOs community. They've spoken at events and webinars on a wide range of topics from menstrual health in the SEO industry to accessibility to content, centred around lived experience as a disabled person. In their spare time, Chloe can be found with their head in a book or in the middle of a mosh pit.

Elijah, Student at Berkeley

Hailing from Rancho Cucamonga in Southern California, Elijah (he/him) became interested in higher education at UC Berkeley because it would allow him to actualize his visions as a commercial architect. Coming from a biracial–ethnically Jamaican and Jewish–background, a university education has allowed him to break down the societal expectations of disenfranchised groups by obtaining a college degree and reaching long-term scholastic goals.

Izzy Hall, Pion

Izzy (she/her) works on creating content for reports, blogs, and other channels in order to share the latest youth insights and hottest Gen Z trends. Izzy’s passion for storytelling and giving Gen Z a voice began when she was at university, where she was Editor of The Newcastle Tab. Before joining the team at Pion, Izzy previously worked in Communications for Bettys & Taylors of Harrogate, where she worked on a number of environmental, social mobility and community projects. Outside of work, Izzy reads a lot of fiction, listens to too much Kate Bush, and spends her money on pastries in Manchester.